Belgian Tervuren Puppies for Sale?

Country of Origin There are four closely related breeds of Belgian Shepherd collectively referred to as Chien de Berger Belge, which were classified as independent breeds in 1891. All are herding and guard dogs, and are primarily distinguished by their appearances: the Malinois has short hair, the Laekenois (not currently recognized by the American Kennel Club) has wiry hair, the Groenendael (also known simply as the Belgian Shepherd) has long, black hair, and the Tervuren has long hair of any other color. The Tervuren was named after the Belgian city of Tervuren where it was developed. It was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1918, but nearly went extinct before World War II. Recently, it has enjoyed moderate popularity as a versatile breed and excellent herder.

It has high socialization and activity requirements, making it less than ideal for those unwilling or unable to invest significant time. Obedience and sport-specific training (such as tracking or dog agility) will reap great benefits and allow the Belgian Tervuren to realize its full potential.

The Belgian Tervuren needs a sufficient amount of outdoor exercise every day, including a long jog or walk and active playtime in the yard.

How much do Belgian Tervuren puppies cost?

A quality Belgian Tervuren puppy will probably cost anywhere from $1,200-$2,000. When beginning your search for a puppy, be sure to only work with responsible breeders rather than buying from puppy mills.

Are Belgian Tervurens aggressive?

Their almond-shaped eyes are dark brown and their triangular ears stand erect. Tervurens are loving and loyal with their people, and stand their ground with strangers. They should never be aggressive without first determining a threat. … The American Kennel Club recognized the Belgian Tervuren in 1959.

Do Belgian Tervuren make good pets?

Tervs can get along well with other dogs and cats if they’re raised with them, but they have a chase instinct and will go after animals that run from them. … Although they are good-size dogs, they are very people-oriented and want to be included in family activities. Belgian Tervuren are play-oriented and sensitive.

Is a Belgian shepherd the same as a Belgian Tervuren?

History. The Belgian Tervuren is one of four Belgian shepherd breeds, all sharing the same origins but distinguished by different coat types and colors. They are the wire-haired Laekenois, the shorthaired Malinois, the long black-haired Groenendael, and the long anything-but-black-haired Tervuren.

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Have you ever heard of the famous Belgian Tervuren? This purebred dog breed has been around for a very long time and was first seen in the Belgian countryside, where it was used to herd animals and guard flocks.

Here you will find four really awesome breeders who have multiple Belgian Tervuren puppies for sale. Aftershock Kennel started in 1981, and their goal is to produce high-quality winning and show companions.

There are some really great photos on the site that you can look at where the dogs have won past competitions and shows. Grey Wolfe Belgians began as a one-woman show with their founding dog Greyson. Now today, the breeders goal is to get more people used to the Belgian Tervuren breed and give every person that great dog companion.

The Belgian Tervuren Rescue is a non-profit organization that has dedicated its time and energy to rehoming dogs in need. This rescue also always needs volunteers who can house the dogs while they wait to be adopted into their new family home. You must fill out an application and get approved before you get accepted into purchasing a Belgian Tervuren through adoption.

The first notable characteristic of the Belgian Tervuren is its extraordinarily imposing presence. Its long coat, which is usually a stunning overlay of black and mahogany, makes this dog among the most elegant of breeds. Although the Terv was bred to be used as a versatile farmhand, one would be hard-pressed to find a more noble service dog. These brave and loyal heroes are now used as agents of law enforcement, for bomb and narcotic detection; as guard dogs; and as assistants for people living with disabilities.

The Terv is a superb addition to the family that enjoys an engaging experience with their dogs and which can devote ample time to that relationship. The Terv may not do well with small animals, like cats, due to their herding tendencies; it will depend on their training and early exposure to other pets in the household.

Although they are highly trainable, the Belgian Tervuren is not recommended for the novice dog owner because they require careful training and continual mental stimulation to be a perfect pet. Training that is firm, yet kind, is also important to keep your Terv from wandering because they can be consumed by things that they find curious. Some other things to keep in mind are the facts that your Terv will chase moving objects, like cyclists and skateboarders, and they will also tend to bark a lot.

Tangles and loose hair can lead to large matted chunks of fur that are uncomfortable for your dog, so it is important to keep up with grooming. Proper training is essential to ensure that your Terv does not haphazardly indulge in herding and tracking behavior without guidance. If youre planning to have your Terv in open areas to play, ensure they are very strong in basic commands and will listen even if they are very interested in something.

Tervs impressed American soldiers, who returned from home, telling of how the dogs were used as messengers in Europe during the war.