Bearded Dragon Laying Eggs?

What do you do when your bearded dragon lays eggs?

Do not to disturb the bearded dragon to candle the eggs while she is laying, or she may only lay part of the clutch of eggs and retain the rest. Bearded dragons typically bury their eggs once they have finished laying them. If you are going to candle the eggs, wait until she has buried the eggs before you handle them.

Do bearded dragons lay eggs without a mate?

Like many birds and reptiles, female bearded dragons can lay eggs without a male, but these eggs will be infertile. … Unfertilized eggs will not develop into baby bearded dragons and should be removed from the enclosure or they will go bad and cause a whole set of different issues.

How often do bearded dragons lay infertile eggs?

How Often Do Bearded Dragons Lay Infertile Eggs? During the mating season, a female bearded dragon can lay typically 1 to 5 clutches of infertile eggs over the course of a whole season. Each clutch typically consists of 10 to 36 eggs at a time.

How do I know if my bearded dragon is gravid?

Unusual weight gain not attributed to her eating habits..Her belly is bigger, with lumpy, bumpy bits 😉.She may stop eating when it gets closer to the time to lay her eggs..She may not have her normal bowel movements, meaning some may be smaller than usual, or she may have loose bowels.