Bearded Dragon Dig Box?

Should bearded dragons have a dig box?

A Bearded dragon showing signs of restlessness – scratching, pacing or glass surfing – can be a clue that they have some unmet sensory needs that should be addressed. A dig box provides an activity that expels excess energy and prevents self-injurious behavior.

What do bearded dragons like to dig in?

In the wild, bearded dragons are natural diggers. They will dig out tunnels and caves in which to hide, and they can dig under the surface of sand and other substrates to hunt for insects and other natural meals.

Can bearded dragons have a sandbox?

Not uncommon for people to use sandboxes or “branboxes” with various reptiles. A branbox is just like a sandbox, but with digestible substrate like millet seed or wheat bran. That said, bearded dragons don’t live on sand in nature. They live on hardpack…which is basically hard dry clay.