Axanthic Pied Ball Python?

How much are Axanthic Pied ball pythons?

If you’re looking to purchase a Axanthic Ball Python, expect to shell out around $200.

Are Axanthic ball pythons rare?

Axanthic ball pythons are rare Ball Python color morphs. Axanthism is a color mutation in snakes. … This color mutation produces species that look like a black and white photograph.

What is the rarest ball python morph?

The rarest ball python morph is the pastel zebra morph.. The gene was first discovered in 2005 but not cultivated for successful breeding until 2015 by Roussis Reptiles. These amazing animals can be combined with recessive morphs like ghost and clow.

What is TSK Axanthic ball python?

Adult Axanthics lack the golden and yellow hues of a normal ball python, so their background color is a more neutral umber. Some lines reportedly carry more of their juvenile coloration into adulthood. TSK and VPI Axanthics are said to brown less : Jolliff Axanthics reputedly brown more. But every snake is different.