Automatic Betta Fish Feeder?

Are automatic feeders good for fish?

An automatic fish feeder is there for your fish when you aren’t. It’s also arguably more reliable than getting your friends and family to feed your fish. Every time I do this, my fish are overfed. So while a fish feeder is not an essential aquarium product, it can definitely be useful.

Is there a weekend feeder for betta fish?

Top Fin Betta Food Feeders are perfect for keeping your fish healthy while you’re away. These feeders provide your fish with food over a sustained period of time, and are great for while you’re on vacation.

How long can betta fish go without food?

While betta fish can survive without food for fourteen, they will begin to not thrive after a certain number of days without eating. How long a Bette fish can go without food is about four to five days before it starts to starve.

How can I feed my fish when I go on vacation?

Fortunately, there are several easy options to feed your fish during holiday and vacation periods: you can find a fish sitter ; use commercial vacation feeders available through your fish store; or you can purchase an automatic fish feeder, which can be used on a daily basis anyway.