Aussie and German Shepherd Mix?

How big will a German Shepherd Australian shepherd mix get?

The German Shepherd mixed with Australian Shepherd dogs weighs from 46 to 65 pounds. Its parent breeds are notably medium to large-sized dogs. The height of this crossbreed could range from 20 to 23 inches.

What is a German Shepherd Aussie mix called?

The German Australian Shepherd is a beautiful dog. These pups are a hybrid cross between the German Shepherd and the Australian Shepherd. Although both parents are classed as herding breeds, they have different physical builds and breeding histories.

Are Australian German shepherds good dogs?

The Australian German Shepherd is a good family dog because of their loving nature. They enjoy human attention and would fit best in an active family – they are a breed that enjoys going on long walks or hikes with their owners.

Are Australian German shepherds good with kids?

An active yet easy-going dog, the Australian shepherd loves to romp with children and tends to get along well with other pets. Australian shepherds are great family pets, herding animals, police dogs and competitors in obedience trials.