Are There Hypoallergenic Cats?

Allergies taking a toll on you? Constant sneezing and itching can deter from affection youd like to give cats. Youre not alone. In fact, people are twice as likely to have cat allergies than dog allergies. Still, furry felines are hard to resist. We recommend contacting an animal shelter or rescue group and arranging to … Read more

Hornworms for Bearded Dragons?

Bearded dragons can eat between 20 50 hornworms per day as juveniles, but they should be fed more vegetation as adults. Adult bearded dragons should be provided the same number (20 50), but over one week. However, a proper diet will have between 9 15 per week. Many vets and expert owners feed these insects … Read more

How to Get Urine Smell Out of Mattress?

We all know that sinking feeling that comes from realizing theres been an accident on a mattress. Whether an unwelcome surprise from sleeping with your dog or an accident from your little one, youre suddenly envisioning chemical fumes, hours of scrubbing, and weeks of, do you smell that? as you wage war against the lingering … Read more

Russian Blue Cat Personality?

The Russian blue cat appears to be larger than she is because of her extremely dense, soft double coat. She may be a good choice for pet parents with allergies because she doesn’t shed much and produces lower levels of the glycoprotein Fel d 1, a known allergen, than other cat breeds. She may be … Read more

Shih Tzu Haircuts Lion Cut?

Shih Tzu Lion Cut is probably 2nd most popular haircut style in Shih Tzus. The Lion Cut, since the name implies, gives your Shih Tzu the appearance of a tiny lion. A great cut for the summer season, suitable for dogs with a short, medium, and long coat. If you have decided to do it … Read more

Veggies Good for Dogs?

Just like us, dogs require a variety of organic foods and nutrients for a balanced diet. Veggies are rich in fiber, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and phyto-nutrients not found in meat. It’s important to feed your dog different kinds of vegetables, as each type offers its own array of nutrients. Veggies make a great snack or … Read more

Female Guinea Pig Names?

In this article, well provide you with a host of cute female guinea pig names. Weve included names that match your girls coat color or personality and names that will set her apart from the rest. Youll even find names that might have her mistaken as a celebritys pet! With each girl guinea pig having … Read more

When Do Baby Bunnies Leave the Nest?

Rabbits spend their lives in a fairly small area, typically 10 acres or less. Home ranges of one to five acres have been reported in central Illinois. Most residential lots are quarter acre 75′ X 145′ lots. Rabbits use forms (a shelter made from grass or weeds) and scrapes beneath the cover of vegetation. To … Read more

Full Grown Red Tail Boa?

Typically tan with approximately 20 dark dorsal saddles running the length of the body. The tail blotches are usually red, orange or brown with black edging.Laterally there are tan, brown or black blotches (circular or diamond shaped) spaced along the saddles. Undersides are yellowish, spotted with black. 20 years in the wild 40 years under … Read more

Golden Retriever Breeders Michigan?

Rainershine Goldens is a Golden Retriever breeder in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They are a small hobby breeder offering American Kennel Club (AKC) Golden Retrievers. Their dogs are kept on a small farm in the country where they plenty of room to run, swim, and explore. Their dogs receive daily exercise and are fed a proper diet, … Read more