What Can Squirrels Eat?

Its tough to hate on squirrels. Yes, cynics do call them gentrified rats. But how can you resist those cute faces and bushy tails? And theyve effectively adapted to living around humans. But what do squirrels eat? Lets find out so we can lure even more into your yard. Squirrels are omnivores, meaning they can … Read more

Dog Breeds With Curly Tails?

Tails are rather curious appendages at least from the point of view of those of us without them. Some tails are long and whip-like, others are little more than a nub and still others curl up and over the back. Generally, dogs (and cats, too) use their tails for communication, and some water-loving dogs use … Read more

Top Female Dog Names?

As any dog owner can tell you, getting a furry new family member can be a rewarding and wonderful experience. Whether welcoming a new puppy from a family litter, or adopting a companion from a local shelter, the first step in new dog ownershipafter finding your mutt mateis picking a name that suits your new … Read more

Mini Bulldog for Sale?

“Buckeye Puppies” is a trademark owned by Online Advertising, LLC. All Rights Reserved. All content of BuckeyePuppies.com is copyright Online Advertising, LLC, 2018. Originally bred to drive cattle and participate in a sport known as bull-baiting, todays Bulldogs prefer the easy lifenamely, lounging around on your couch and collecting cuddles from everyone they meet. Although … Read more

Shar Pei Pit Mix?

Designer dog devotees claim that when you mix two different breeds, the larger gene pool will reduce the chance of inherited health problems and diseases. Is this hybrid breed the perfect companion, a loyal protector or a stubborn aggressor? In this article, well look at the backgrounds of both parent breeds to help you learn … Read more

Can Cats Eat Celery?

As a cat owner there is always an excuse to give your friend a little something special. After all, a little treat now and then isnt going to hurt, right? Though it is important to remember that cats are carnivores and fruits/vegetables should only make up around 5% of their total dietary intake. This makes … Read more

Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure?

The cinnamon green-cheeked conure is a color mutation of the green-cheeked conure or parakeet. These birds are distinct from the typical green-cheeked conure because of their lighter green and fan feathering. In this article, we will discuss the cinnamon green-cheeked conure in detail, including its origin and history, its specific colors and markings, and where … Read more

White Kitten With Blue Eyes?

Kittens are born with blue eyes. They can stay that way, but more commonly, their eye color will start to change as they mature and the production of the pigment melanin occurs. Adult cats with blue eyes aren’t widespread. When it does occur, it is a result of their genetics. The production of pigment in … Read more

Male vs Female Peacock?

Despite the fact that the word peacock is generally used to refer to both genders, peacocks are the males, while the females are known as the peahens. The peacocks are among the most beautiful species of birds on earth. They are popularly known due to their long tails and beautifully colored feathers. The actual name … Read more

American Staffordshire Terrier for Sale?

Good Dog helps you find the American Staffordshire Terrier puppy of your dreams by making it easy to discover American Staffordshire Terrier puppies for sale near you. Search hundreds of American Staffordshire Terrier puppy listings from Good Dogs trusted American Staffordshire Terrier breeders and start the application process today. Unmatched courage and loyalty are the … Read more