Arizona Blonde Tarantula for Sale?

How much is an Arizona blonde tarantula?

How Much Do Arizona Blonde Desert Tarantulas Cost? Depending on how many you buy, one Arizona blonde tarantula will cost you around $50. Some stores will lower the price by 10% to 25% if you buy more, with essentially no cap on how many you can buy.

Are Arizona blonde tarantulas good pets?

These spiders are often purchased by first-time tarantula owners, as they are generally docile and easy to house and care for, but it is best to avoid handling them. They make fascinating pets for hobbyists and older children but are not appropriate for children younger than age 10.

How big do Arizona blonde tarantulas get?

Description. This 3 to 4 inch (70 to 100 mm) large bodied, burrowing spider is commonly seen during the summer rainy season in southwestern deserts. The female is usually a uniform tan color. The male has black legs, a copper-colored cephalothorax and a reddish abdomen.

How long do male Arizona blonde tarantulas live?

This species is found in dry desert and scrubland areas. Life span : this is a very longed lived species. It is not uncommon for a female to live up to 30 years , males live 5 -10 years. And die soon after they sexually mature.