Argentine Black and White Tegu for Sale?

How much does a Argentine Black and White Tegu cost?

How Much Do Argentine Black and White Tegus Cost? Argentine Tegus from a breeder will often cost around $200 for a hatchling. You will often need to find a reputable breeder because these reptiles are not typical to find in a pet store.

Can you own a black and white Tegu?

Choosing Your Argentine Black and White Tegu. These hardy lizards can become tame pets if handled correctly. But when you’re deciding on one, there are a few things to watch out for. This is definitely a pet you want to acquire from a reputable breeder.

Is it legal to own an Argentine Tegu?

In Argentina, tegus are found from sea level up to altitudes of 4,100 feet. Adult tegus have few predators and can multiply quickly. … Tegus are legal as pets in Georgia but it is illegal to release non-native animals into the wild.