These Brave Firefighters Rescued Animals and Made Our Hearts Melt

We all know that firefighters have intense and heroic jobs. Which is why whenever most people think about fireman or firewomen, they probably imagine a team of firefighters hurling down the street in their red truck, prepared to hose down a fire.

But the secret about their jobs, is the fact that these brave men and women get to rescue both people and precious pets!

From freeing a horse from the mud to saving the cutest kittens around the world, these firefighters will get your waterworks working better than their hose!

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One of Denmark’s Cuddliest

When we think about firefighters rescuing cats, many of us picture a little fuzzy feline somehow getting stuck up on a tree and needs help climbing down.

But this firefighter actually rescued this precious kitty from a burning building in Denmark. You can see just how scared this little white ball of fluff was. Thank goodness this courageous fireman didn’t just rescue the cat, but he knows how to coddle it and calm it down during its time of need, too. How precious!One of Denmark’s Cuddliest

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One of Russia’s Most Courageous

Even if it’s freezing cold and icy outside, that doesn’t stop a blazing fire from soaring inside a building. By the look of this kitty’s facial expression, it almost looks like he was the one who started the fire to be honest. Yikes!

Either way, this courageous and bold Russian firefighter came to the rescue and saved this feisty ball of fluff. We can only hope that the kitty looks a bit evil because it’s in pure shock of the incident, and will quickly settle down from the whole fiasco.One of Russia’s Most Courageous

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One of Canada’s Sweetest

When people imagine firefighters saving cats, they typically picture them helping a cuddly, fluffy feline get down from a tree, right? Well, it looks like that’s exactly what happened with this little Canadian kitty!

This poor, innocent cat was caught up in a tree around the Hudson, Quebec area. And thankfully, this young and charming Canadian firefighter swooped in to its rescue and swaddled the kitty in a warm blanket. That’s just about as sweet as maple syrup, eh?One of Canada’s Sweetest

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High Risk, Priceless Rewards

Fighting fires is probably one of the most ferociously fierce jobs out there! But it looks like the high risk comes with some pretty priceless rewards. Just like this sweet little kitty clinging onto this amazing firefighter as she rescues the cuddly feline to safety.

Even if this little kitty belongs to someone else, it looks like the brave warrior might’ve found a new little friend. How could anyone resist such an innocent cat cuddle like this one? Too precious!High Risk, Priceless Rewards

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A Fiery Ball of Love

Yes, that’s right. Even our little fuzzy cuddle buddies can unfortunately suffer from smoke damage during fires. But have no fear! It’s clear that this fiery orange ball of love is in good hands.

Not only is this brave and caring firefighter giving this tabby oxygen after saving him from a fire, but they seem to be bonding like brothers.

Many people think cats are heartless, but if these series of pictures can show us anything, it’s that they’re just sensitive beings who love the ones they trust.A Fiery Ball of Love

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Getting Stuck Below the Ground

Fire fighters aren’t just there to fight fires, they’re trained to rescue people—or in this case animals—that are in dangerous situations. Just like cats getting stuck in trees. And even though we’re so used to cats getting stuck up in tall trees, what about getting stuck below the ground?

Somehow, this precious kitten fell into one of the manholes in this parking lot and got stuck there. Thankfully someone called for its rescue, or who knows what would’ve happened!

And it’s safe to say that this fire-fighter was more than happy to help, seeing as he has a huge smile on his face.Getting Stuck Below the Ground

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An Emotional and Exciting Return

It’s clearly a rewarding experience to rescue an innocent, sweet, and cuddly little fella. But it looks like the experience of returning a precious pet to their owner after a tragic incident is just as rewarding.

Look at how emotional and relieved this pet owner seems to be after this firefighter returns the beautiful gray feline to her? Even the big, black canine is super excited to finally say hello to his little buddy! He can’t even wait his turn in line, he’s right there in between his owner’s arms to greet the kitty hello. Talk about heart-warming!An Emotional and Exciting Return

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No Critter Left Behind

Cute little kitties aren’t the only animals that firefighters have been known to save and rescue. Look at this cute little critter! The firefighters that were called to this emergent situation weren’t going to give up on this sweet, little guinea pig in its time of need.

We didn’t even know that they had oxygen masks that were this tiny, let alone oxygen masks for animals. We’re happy to see that this cute critter has a team of brave warrior to protect and help it.No Critter Left Behind

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Anything but Impressed

Look at what we have here. It’s another immensely courageous and caring fire fighter that swooped in to save the day and rescue this cat. There’s no doubt that he braved the war of fire, seeing as he’s covered up in ashes and debris.

As much as it pains us to say it, though, based on the facial expression of the now saved victim, it looks like it’s anything but impressed.

What can we say? Maybe this adorably precious little kitten is just in a bit of shock from the whole fiasco.Anything but Impressed

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You Can’t Teach Compassion Like This

It’s one thing to be the knight in shining armor that swoops in and rescues people and animals from a burning building. But it’s a whole ‘nother level of compassion to see a firefighter play nurse, and truly care for their rescued victims.

Look at how touching it is for this brave fireman to hold this precious kitty in its arms, and tending to it after suffering from smoke damage. Heart-warming kindness like this isn’t something that you can teach, and we’re so happy to see that there are amazing people in the world who care and are making a difference.You Can’t Teach Compassion Like This

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Free at Last!

Oh no! Based on the grayish color of this little feline’s coat, it looks like he might be covered in smoke residue and ashes from being so close to the fire. We’re glad to know that this fireman was able to rescue it though and is now taking this fluff ball to a safe place. And it looks like this cat is just as relieved, and is meowing its little heart out for finally being free at last, free at last!Free at Last!

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An Honorable Reptile Rescue

The thing about fires, is that they can spread fast and go out of control in a matter of seconds. And when it comes to buildings on fire, sometimes it can take hours to calm down and put it out.

Across the pond in the UK, this semi-detached building caught fire on the first floor and worked its way up to the roof, and took almost 9 hours to put out!

Firefight Tom Arden was the honorable and jolly firefighter who rescued the iguana from this nasty fire. Cheers to that, mate!An Honorable Reptile Rescue

Image by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

Cat Caught in a Window

What might seem like an absolutely hilarious situations to us, can turn out to be a little bit of a traumatic situation for a helpless kitty.

We’re not exactly sure how this beautiful white ball of fluff got itself stuck in between the windows here, but thankfully the local firemen were able to save it from it’s embarrassing sorrows!

Not just that but this caring fireman clearly has a heart full of kindness as he’s holding the pure feline close to him while he tries to calm it down from this distressing experience.Cat Caught in a Window

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Saving a Cat Piglet Cow

This is one of the funniest little kitties we’ve seen so far. What a silly lookin’ feline! Not only does it look so silly because it’s clearly meowing its heart out from excitement for being rescued, but it looks a little bit like a baby piglet with the pattern of a cow’s hide, doesn’t it?

And it looks like this fireman is just as excited to have rescued this cute little feline just as much as we are. Absolutely heart-melting.Saving a Cat Piglet Cow

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Oxygen & TLC

We’ve seen how adorably heart-warming it is when firefighters rescue precious kitties from dire situations. But what about canines?

This team of compassionate and courageous firefighters aren’t going to give up on this pup in its time of need either! Not only did they make sure to save the dog from danger, but they’re making sure it’s getting both medical attention and a whole lotta TLC to keep it calm.

Could you be any more proud of our brave and kind fire warriors?Oxygen & TLC

Image by Los Angeles Fire Department

A True Hero

This story is absolutely precious! That morning, a man left his four cats at home with a candle burning while he left and one of the cats knocked it over. Reddit user lfernandes, the man’s neighbor, shared this photo, explaining we see a firefighter rescuing the cat and giving him CPR for 20 whole minutes until it started to purr.

“[He] came home to his house in flames … While the guy was having an emotional breakdown about losing his cats (‘They’re all I’ve got!’ he kept saying) one of the firefighters searched for nearly 15 minutes and found one alive,” lfernandes wrote.

That is true heroship.A True Hero

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Saving Finn the Chihuahua

Word around the water cooler is that this local Bloomsburg firefighter, Scott Dawson, rescued this precious pup from a burning house.

While the house was up in flames, he stepped up, swooped in, and saved the day by rescuing this tiny little canine.

The sweet dog is apparently a chihuahua mix breed named, Finn, and looks to be in good spirits.

We’re sure that the experience was quite scary, but it’s clear that Finn is in safe hands with this courageous and compassionate firefighting warrior!Saving Finn the Chihuahua

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Two Pups at Once

It looks like saving animals isn’t as rare as we thought when it comes to on the field first aid, but these firemen came up with a makeshift solution with their rescue mission.

We’re not totally sure what the situation is, but considering the fact that the oxygen mask is basically twice the size of these little puppies, we’ve got to give props to the firemen for not giving up and being resourceful with the tools they had.

We can’t get over how cute this moment is! There’s nothing like someone rescuing an innocent pup—especially two at one!Two Pups at Once

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Matching Kitties

You wouldn’t think that firefighters would walk out of a blazing war with big smiles on their faces, but these firemen have proven us wrong! We can’t really blame them for being so darn happy, though, just look at those cute matching kitties they’re carrying in their arms.

We can’t imagine something to be more joyous and exciting than rescuing a pair of friendly felines.

A truly priceless reward for the tough and high-stress job that they have to endure.Matching Kitties

Image via @ChrisPetersonTG / Twitter

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

This adorable story will leave you in tears, because it’s two rescue stories in one!

This silly-lookin’ ball of love ended up trapped inside a 40-foot well in the Coweta, Georgia area, and thankfully local Georgian firefighter, Jim Cadenhead, came to its rescue.

But the saving didn’t end at the well. Jim decided to adopt this kitty and provide a loving home and keep it from being sadly euthanized. And on top of that, he named his new precious cat, Wellie. How cute!The Gift that Keeps on Giving

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Mending Our Hearts with Water

Oh no! You can tell from this pure pup’s grayish coat color that he’s clearly covered in smoke residue and burnt ashes from being so close to the fire that he was just rescued from. Talk about heart-breaking!

The only thing mending our hearts back together is this super sweet moment between this kind-hearted fireman giving this poor pup water from his water bottle. It looks like he’s taking good care of this poor, dehydrated puppy as if it was his own.Mending Our Hearts with Water

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Getting Called Up on a Snow Day

As we’ve revealed earlier and seen before, firefighters do so much more than just fight fires. Not only do they rescue people and animals, but they do it in all sorts of conditions, too!

Just like this rescue duo that are saving this precious kitty from the snowy roof top.

We have no idea how the sweet feline got up there, but we’re happy that the firemen came to its rescue before it was too late! No doubt they made sure to warm it up and keep it safe during this snowy day.Getting Called Up on a Snow Day

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Cats and Rabbits

Looks like this fireman is having quite a fun time with this jumpy cat! But what can we say? Felines aren’t known to always be so calm, cool, and collected.

But the other really sweet part to this story is the fact that the cat wasn’t the only animal the firefighting rescue team saved. Apparently, several other adorable and fuzzy felines as well as a fluffy rabbit were rescued by local firefighters in the Caledonia, Wisconsin area that day. How cool!Cats and Rabbits

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Jacob & Charlie

There’s nothing like seeing a warrior holding up something absolutely adorable. We just can’t help but gush over how amazingly cute and funny this rescue looks! Look at this hilarious ball of fluff trying to play with the serious and brave fireman’s gear. So hilarious and heart-warming all at once.

Turns out the kitty’s name is Charlie, and he was graciously rescued by Jacob Lee, one of the firefighters for the local Bowling Green, Kentucky’s unit. We’re sure Jacob and Charlie turned out to be the best of buds after this!Jacob & Charlie

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Lucky to Have Lawson

This dog might be lookin’ as cool as a cucumber, but the owner’s face pretty much says it all.

This incredibly heroic firefighter saved the day by rescuing this sweet woman’s precious pup. Hard for us to hold back from the waterworks after seeing such a beautiful and emotional reunion moment like this one!

We’re glad that there are courageous firefighters out there in the world, like Lawson, who risks his life each day for the people and animals of his community. There’s no doubt Lawson’s firefighting unit is lucky to have him.Lucky to Have Lawson

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A Special Bond Between Strangers

Oh boy! We know that some steeds are known to be quite stubborn and can seem to be quite stuck in the mud with their actions, but it looks like this little horse ended up in this mess by accident.

Either way, this UK firefighter is doing his best to keep this precious steed calm and free the poor horsey from this miserable situation.

We’re absolutely blown away by this rescue, seeing as some people are quite afraid of horses and that they’re incredibly sensitive creatures. But it’s clear the two have a special bond, even as strangers.A Special Bond Between Strangers

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Saving Three Cats

During a very intense and tragic fire, this compassionate and kind-hearted firefighting paramedic took the time to make sure this black and white feline was nursed back to a stable condition.

It turns out that this precious kitty is actually just one out of three cats that were rescued during this incident, and that the team of paramedics made sure to administer oxygen and provide them with emergent first aid procedures to keep them safe and sound.Saving Three Cats

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A Brave Knight in Black and Yellow Armor

At a first glance, it might be so sad to see this dirty, gray kitty with a frightened look on its face. But the fact that it’s wrapping its arms around the amazing fireman who rescued it is actually incredible heart-warming.

We know that the color of its fur indicates that it was caught in the crossfires of the burning building, but it’s safe and sound now in the arms of this strong and brave knight in black and yellow fireproof armor!A Brave Knight in Black and Yellow Armor

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Raining Cats and Dogs

The funny thing about cats is that even though you never really know what’s going on in their head, their facial expressions are still incredible animated and can tell a whole story. Just like this hilarious tabby right here.

This man is clearly on a mission to get this cat to safety, but this precious cat’s face looks like it’s absolutely confused about the whole situation. And even though there’s the famous expression about it raining cats and dogs, cats aren’t used to floods the way we are—so it makes sense it seems a bit confused.

Don’t worry, though, kitty, you’re clearly in good hands!Raining Cats and Dogs

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