American Eskimo Husky Mix?

How much is a Huskimo?

Huskimo puppies prices depend on the breeders. According to research, the price range of puppies is $800 to $1,800, which is the standard price. Female puppies tend to be pricey than their male counterparts, and generally, puppies are expensive than adults.

What breed is a Huskimo dog?

Huskimos are created from the mix between a Siberian Husky and an American Eskimo. They are medium sized dogs that have a ton of energy. These dogs are loyal and playful pets that need lots of exercise or they can be hard to control.

Is American Eskimo a husky?

The American Eskimo dog is a chipper white dog that looks a bit like a miniature Husky. Despite its name, the dog breed originated in America’s midwest, where it’s long served as a farm dog. These talkative dogs come in three sizes but are always white with perky ears.