African Grey Parrot for Sale?

If you don’t find anyone near you, contact the closest one to your location and ask for a referral to trusted, reputable breeder, or locate a bird club and ask for a lead.

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How much do GREY African parrots cost?

Even if your African Grey only maintains a handful of words in her vocabulary, it is certain you will share an entertaining and interactive life with one of these very special members of the parrot family. Average cost of an African Grey is $1,000 – $1,500.

How much is an African GREY baby parrot?

$500–$4,000. The exact price of the bird will depend on type, age, gender, etc., but for an African Grey Parrot, expect a cost of $500 to $4,000.

Is it legal to own an African Grey Parrot?

You’ll be gallantly surprised to discover that African Greys are completely legal in California. … Since they’re such sought-after parrots, African Greys are some of the most expensive parrots in the world.

Do you need a Licence for an African Grey Parrot?

If you’re buying an African or Timneh grey parrot you won’t need to apply for a certificate. … If you already own a Grey, and don’t intend on selling it, you don’t need a certificate, and the regulation doesn’t affect you. However, if you ever want to sell your bird, you will need a certificate.

The grey parrot isnt the only talker. This bird is also known for its extreme intelligence and is nicknamed the Einstein Bird. parrots for sale uk.The color of the children is similar to that of adults, but the eyes are usually grey to black and the underside of the tail is grey, African greys for sale , compared to the yellow which blankets the dark eyes of older birds. It has an average weight of 400 g (0.88 lbs), 33 cm (13 inches)jungle boys seeds long, african grey parrot for sale , and has a wingspan of 46-52 cm (18-20 inches).african greys for sale , cockatoo for sale

African Grey Parrots (also called Congo Grey Parrots) are medium sized, mostly grey and white with red tail feathers. They are known for their ability to talk and mimic human speech and for this reason they are often kept as pets. The Tinmeh African Grey is actually a different species from the Congo Grey. Both species come from Western Africa.

Accomplished mimics, avid talkers, compassionate friends African greys can take on many roles. Thats why they make ideal pets for humans who are ready to expand their families. If this sounds like you, African Grey Parrot Farm is where you can get your birdie.