Facebook goes full ORWELLIAN… now blocking all stories mentioning the keyword phrase ‘m-nd-t-ry v-cc-n-t–ns’


Source: Natural News, by Mike Adams

Natural News has now confirmed that Facebook is deliberately blocking article posts that contain the phrase “m-nd-t-ry v-cc-n-t–ns.” We obviously cannot even include the complete words here, or this story will also be blocked by FB.

Recently, when we attempted to share stories on FB that contained the phrase, the stories were completely blocked, along with a message that warned the article “violated community standards.”

When we replaced the phrase with “compulsory immunizations,” the article was accepted by FB and allowed to be shared.

You can confirm this yourself by attempting to share this Newstarget.com story which uses the phrase “m-nd-t-ry v-cc-n-t–ns” in the title. FB will block you from posting or sharing the story.

But you’re free to post this other story, which is the exact same story, but the phrase is replaced with “compulsory immunizations.” That phrase is currently allowed…

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Russia – US Hair Triggers For All Out War

VOICE OF AMERICA: Pentagon revolts against cooperation with Russia on Syria/ Russia, US reduce areas of misunderstanding on Syria as Lavrov & Kerry agree concrete steps/ Top Russian Ministries Flee To Bunkers As “Hillary Clinton War” Warned May Be Unstoppable

VOICE OF AMERICA: Pentagon revolts against cooperation with Russia on Syria
Editor’s note:  Since when do generals make foreign policy?  I do so love it when the US talks about “indiscriminate bombing” after supporting the Saudi genocide for the past 2 years, supplying cluster bombs and refueling which kills only civilians…. Gordon.

Commander of the US operation in Iraq and Syria, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, said that he is very skeptical about the possibility of cooperation with Russia, and his opinion is shared by many US military, the Voice of America broadcasting service reported.
They do not like the fact that Russia supports the government of Bashar al-Assad in the fight…

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Professor William I. Robinson: Israel’s War on Academic Freedom (2014)


Devilry at Hillary Clinton’s Reno speech

Fellowship of the Minds

Yesterday, August 25, Hillary Clinton delivered a speech at a rally in Reno, NV, in which she portrayed Donald Trump — and, by extension, Trump’s supporters — as racist.

But there’s much more to Hillary’s speech that’s even more troubling than her playing the racist card.

Here’s the ABC News live video of her speech. I’ve fast-forwarded the video to begin at 31:40 mark. I suggest you watch the video in slow-motion by clicking on the wheel-shaped “Settings” icon in the bottom of the video — the third icon from the right. Once you’ve clicked on the wheel-shaped icon, click the “Speed” arrow, then click 0.50 or 0.25 to slow down the video.

(1) Satanist in audience makes devil’s horns hand-sign

At the 31:45 mark in the video, someone seated at the front of the audience threw the Baphomet or devil’s horns hand-sign with both hands. Below is a screenshot…

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Veteran commits suicide outside VA hospital AFTER BEING TURNED AWAY [VIDEO]


Published on Aug 25, 2016

A cry for help ended in tragedy in Long Island, New York when a veteran who was turned away from a VA hospital took his own life outside the facility. On average, 22 vets commit suicide every day in the United States. RT America’s Manila Chan has the report for “News with Ed.”

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“Stop White People”: Resident Advisers Create Controversial Course


UnknownThere is a controversy at State University of New York (SUNY) that is reminiscent of our recent discussion about the exclusion of white students in a housing advertisement at Claremont. The SUNY controversy concerns a course put together by Resident Advisors Ciaran Slattery, Nicholas Pulakos, and Urenna Nwogwugwu, entitled “#StopWhitePeople2K16.” Once again, the controversy raises the question of equal treatment at universities since SUNY would presumably react aggressively at RAs holding a course entitled “#StopBlackPeople2K16.”

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Blast rocks sports center in Belgium’s Chimay, casualties reported

Behind The News

A powerful explosion went off at a sports facility in the Belgian city of Chimay, partially destroying the building and burying at least five people under the rubble. One person has reportedly been killed and four more treated for injuries.

At least one person was killed after the building collapsed, Belga News Agency reported citing emergency services spokesperson.

The blast reportedly struck the sports center and a pool located on the Rue de Chalon just after midnight.

The explosion took place in a storage room of the center, RTL reported, citing a rescue worker.

Five people were inside the building at the time of the blast, RTL reported. Two of them were seriously injured and taken to hospitals for treatment. The other two received minor injuries and were taken to the local health center.

Photos appearing to show the aftermath of the explosion have surfaced on the social media. Half…

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Dr. Drew TV Show Cancelled Days After Questioning Clinton’s Health…

The Last Refuge

It was only August 17th when Dr. Drew Pinsky said Hillary Clinton may be receiving “inadequate health care that is not optimal for her condition” during an interview where Pinsky discussed the alarming history of her medical conditions. (See Video)

Today, CNN’s Headline News cancelled his show:

Dr. Drew and his team have delivered more than five years of creative shows and I want to thank them for their hard work and distinctive programming,” Jautz said. “Dr. Drew has been an authoritative voice on addiction and on many other topical issues facing America today.   ~ Ken Jautz CNN Executive

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Alex Jones Responds to Surprise Hillary Attack on 9/11, Sandy Hook Massacre (Video)


The Order has been given: Shoot Down Russian Jet within 72 Hours

Friends of Syria


The order has been given: US Forces inside Syria have been told to SHOOT DOWN A RUSSIAN JET within 72 Hours and claim it was “threatening US Forces” in Syria.  According to two separate sources inside the Pentagon, it appears the west has grown impatient for war with Russia, so they began laying the groundwork for it over the past few days, claiming Syrian aircraft are bombing too close to US forces.  There are now strident public statements by the US that it will “defend its forces in Syria.”

These strident public statements are not a warning to Russia, the statements are laying the public paradigm for going to war with Russia.

According to Intelligence sources who spoke to SuperStation95 on condition of anonymity, the consensus thinking inside the Beltway is that Russia will not take any action whatsoever against the US or its proxy forces if a Russian…

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Ep. 188: When Janet Yellen Talks Why Do People Still Listen? – YouTube

Iranian Navy Intercepts US Destroyer in Strait of Hormuz

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Four Iranian military vessels sped close to two US Navy guided missile destroyers with their weapons uncovered in the Strait of Hormuz, American defense officials said Wednesday.

The USS Nitze shot warning flares, sounded its whistles and attempted unsuccessfully to communicate with the Iranian boats during Tuesday’s incident, US Central Command spokesman Commander Kyle Raines said in a statement.

He described the move as “unsafe and unprofessional” encounter between Tehran and Washington,  adding that the Iranian vessels came within 300 yards (meters) of the American destroyer.Iranian vessels intercept US destroyer in Persian Gulf

The Nitze was accompanied on its mission by the USS Mason, another destroyer.

The encounter occurred in international waters in the strait, a vitally important choke point with Iran to its north and the United Arab Emirates to the south.

“Nitze also changed its course multiple times in close proximity to offshore oil rigs in an attempt to maintain separation and better understand Iranian…

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