California Higher Ed Leaders Urge Trump to Continue DACA Program

Janet Napolitano and 300 Other Ed Leaders Urge President-Elect Not to Expel/Deport College Students of Undocumented Immigrants



Leaders of California’s three systems of public higher education sent a joint letter to President-elect Donald Trump today urging him to allow students who are in the country illegally to continue their educations without fear of deportation.  The letter, signed by University of California President Janet Napolitano, California State University Chancellor Timothy P. White and Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor-designate of California Community Colleges, called on the president-elect not to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“DACA is rooted in the fundamental premise that no one should be punished for the actions of others,” the letter states. “In order to be eligible for DACA, an individual must have been brought to this country as a minor, stayed out of trouble, and continued to pursue an education. These sons and daughters of undocumented immigrants are as American as any other child across the nation, in all but in the letter…

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FOTM made the List of 200 secret-Russian-agents websites! =^..^=

We at MHB remain by the mailbox, anxiously awaiting our check from the Kremlin …

Fellowship of the Minds

Good news!

Our humble little blog Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM), started on less-than-a-shoestring 7 years ago with contributors who write for literally no pay, is in the Obama administration’s and the corrupt MSM’s bull’s eye for reporting the truth!

From The Wrap, Nov. 25, 2016:

“Russia had a hand in spreading fake news to millions of Americans during the election cycle, according to two independent research groups, PropOrNot and Foreign Policy Research Institute.

The Washington Post was the first media outlet to report PropOrNot’s findings that there are over 200 websites described as ‘routine peddlers of Russian propaganda during the election season, with combined audiences of at least 15 million Americans.’”

Together with such august company as Drudge Report, InfoWars, former Congressman Ron Paul, former Reagan official David Stockman, Wikileaks and ZeroHedge, FOTM made The List of 200 as “fake media” sites that…

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Anonymous: “Soros Has Just Funded Jill Stein To Call For Legal Vote Recount In Election Reversal”

Third Party candidate Jill Stein uncannily raises $6 million in three days for vote recount.

Nwo Report

Hacking Group "Anonymous" Has Issued A CHILLING AnnouncementSource: Alex Cooper

Something seriously bad is happening right now and it’s about to shift the face of democracy in the free world.

George Soros is well known by now for his donations to BLM and other extreme leftist groups, not to mention the millions he’s given Hillary.

Things just went to code red though, because Jill Stein has just initiated a campaign to demand a recount of the vote.

What is about to happen could possibly cause a civil war. Anonymous, the infamous group responsible for hacking multiple high-level officials and agencies, just made a grave announcement:

“It’s over, folks.

They are absolutely taking this from Trump. If you were able to see these stories they already have prepared for us to start running next week, your jaw would hit the ground.

They are going to “find” that the results were indeed “hacked”. They have everything set in place…

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Salon: Here’s a List of Potential Climate Budget Cuts

Watts Up With That?

Big Green Cash Cancelled

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Salon has helpfully provided Americans with a list of Federal climate budget cuts which can be applied on day one of the new Trump administration.

Politicizing climate change: Donald Trump’s budget could cut climate funding for NASA, other federal departments

Donald Trump, in an effort to cut spending, is likely going to slash some important climate change programs


The world is waiting to hear what President-elect Donald Trump has in mind for governing the U.S. Among the biggest questions is what will happen to the budget for climate and energy-related activities.

Though they’re a relatively small piece of a federal budget that is in excess of $1 trillion, how the administration deals with climate and energy will go a long ways toward determining the future of the planet.

“We don’t get a second chance,” Secretary of State John…

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Facebook Develops Censorship Tools to Gain Access to Chinese Market


Nov 23, 2016  by  C. Mitchell Shaw

Facebook Develops Censorship Tools to Gain Access to Chinese Market

To say that Facebook has a spotty record where privacy and censorship are concerned would be an understatement. While the social media giant has — at times — resisted the surveillance apparatus of the NSA and other U.S. government agencies, it has — on other occasions — gone out of its way to help build the culture of surveillance on which the surveillance state rests. Now, for the sake of gaining official access to China, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has developed tools to allow the Communist Chinese government unrestrained censorship of Facebook posts.

According to three current and former Facebook employees, Facebook “has quietly developed software to suppress posts from appearing in people’s news feeds in specific geographic areas,” reports the New York Times. Those former and current employees spoke on the condition of anonymity, since the software and its development are confidential…

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Dear Hillary: Those “Deplorables” Appear to be yours

The PPJ Gazette

new-logo251_002Marti Oakley


08-10-2015_illusionAfter a lifetime of voting with Democrats, this year I marked the box for a Republican. I think it says something about how politicians view the general public when someone with your history can even campaign for an office, much less think they should actually get that office. What was the DNC thinking? What were you, yourself thinking? Did you think we really were stupid out here?

Like so many, I watched with shock and awe as Trump ran away with the election. All the more surprising as MSM and the Republican party tried their best to derail Trumps candidacy.  Shocked that so many voters finally stood up to the political machine in D.C., and said they had had enough. Awed, by the scene that unfolded on MSM. Absolute shock! leaving seasoned “anchors” virtually speechless. I rather enjoyed it.

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Breitbarting: Post-Objective, Post-Responsibility and Post-Education


In 2012, I proposed the term ‘breitbarting’ with a narrower definition than, I think, the word deserves today. At that time, I limited it to what Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe proved so skilled at doing. They designed strategies of interview, editing and presentation to make a predetermined point (not to explore an issue or a story). Theirs was what I call a “post-objective” journalism that is also “post-responsibility.” The logical end result of this is the recent alt-right tinkering with news stories ‘just for the fun of it’—or anyone voting in an election, come to think of it, only in order to throw a monkey wrench into the works.

The start of breitbarting lies in news media whose end-all had become ratings, ethics pushed aside for the fake objectivity of ‘false equivalency’ that allows stories to be pursued blindly. Or in the loss of faith in electoral systems that have…

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Mainstream Media Caught in a Huge LIE About Trump’s Election!

Socio-Economics History Blog

  • Published on Nov 18, 2016
    Lindsey Bruce for Liberty Writers reports, This is a perfect example of why only 6% of Americans trust the liberal media. Democrats went crazy when Trump won the election last week. They took to the streets and rioted like animals. Read More/Source/Credit(FAIR USE):…


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Mister Silvio. By Candice Louisa

The Militant Negro™


The man who
lived by the sea
he heard in the echo
of shells
his higher destiny
with quiver and stride
licking waves
he set sail to Italy
ensuring his mind
rise above that
of oppressed under
tyranical yoke
he is a mystery
perhaps shrouded in mist
I hear his conscience
it is loud and persists


As a side note, something I viewed a few days AFTER the November 8th, 2016 election, and it makes one wonder/think…..why this video was NEVER all over the news or in the media, like all the OTHER Trump campaign stops, rallies, appearances?

Watch this, I’ll bet you never saw this until right now.

Why Black People Voted Donald Trump President Elect – DID Barack ever pledge this???

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California Teachers Offered “Anti-Hate, Trump Teaching Plan” To “Empower Students”

peoples trust toronto

Following last week’s dissonance-destroying victory for Donald Trump, San Francisco teachers are being offered a ‘Donald Trump lesson plan’ to “help students understand the election,” but, as NBCBayArea reports, opponents counter that it is leftist propaganda meant to scare children about the incoming president.

Fakhra Shah, a teacher at Mission High School, drafted the plan with the goal of empowering students, she said.

?This is anti-hate,? Shah said. ?This is not just anti-Trump.?

On the heels of Trump?s stunning Nov. 8 victory, Shah wrote a letter to staff, in which she said, ?A racist and sexist man has become president.? She also urged them to use a new, optional lesson plan that will allow students to say what?s on their minds.

“It?s a call to educators to take that anti-racist stance, to take the anti-sexist stance and to tell the students, ?We are there for you. We will talk about…

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Obama: “Obamacare is “less than your cellphone bill” – Who Pays $1500 a Month on a CELLPHONE … That is even with a HIGH Deductible. – What PLANET are you living on?



This is how out of touch with the people the elitist’s are.

They probably have a 6k cellphone bill and thus think relative to that.

There was a similar example in the past although I don’t remember the details where a politician remarked about an ‘normal person’ why don’t they just get their secretary to do it or something along those lines. They were so out of touch with reality they assumed the average person has a secretary to go around and run errands for them. Sadly I don’t recall the details or I’d have linked to an account. Maybe someone else remembers.

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The Enduring Fraud of Lyin’ Lenny Pozner

By James F. Tracy
(Originally published April 5, 2016)

Police Lack Documentation of Lenny and Veronique Pozners’ Charges Against James Tracy

On December 10, 2015 “Lenny and Veronique Pozner,” parents of Noah Pozner who allegedly perished in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook School massacre event, penned an incendiary article published by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The article was subsequently posted by the Forward, the foremost organ of the American Jewish community, after which a steady media drumbeat ensued for Tracy’s termination from his tenured position.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.28.55 AM

In what amounts to a roadmap for FAU administrators on why and how Tracy should be fired (questioning the official narrative of the Sandy Hook, causing the Pozners “pain and anguish”) the Pozners claimed Tracy sent a “certified letter demanding proof that Noah once lived.” This affront supposedly prompted the outraged couple to file a police report.

“It cannot be denied,” the Pozners kvetched to the world,

that Tracy has carved out a significant presence in the same Sandy Hook “hoax” conspiracy movement that has inspired a wave of harassment, intimidation and criminal activity against our family and others.

In fact, Tracy is among those who have personally sought to cause our family pain and anguish by publicly demonizing our attempts to keep cherished photos of our slain son from falling into the hands of conspiracy theorists.

Tracy even sent us a certified letter demanding proof that Noah once lived, that we were his parents, and that we were the rightful owner of his photographic image. We found this so outrageous and unsettling that we filed a police report for harassment.

Pozner conversing with the group of online stalkers he oversees.

Yet there is no record of such a filing–not with the Newtown Connecticut police department, nor with police in Boca Raton, where Lenny Pozner resides part-time in Boca’s upscale Mizner Park area.

Of course, the “outrageous” certified letter was never even addressed to Lenny and Veronique Pozner, but rather to Lenny Pozner and his “HONR Network,” which has a mailing address at a Newtown area pack-and-post. Further, as Memory Hole Blog readers are well aware, the letter was in response to Pozner’s copyright infringement claim against MHB for using “Noah Pozner’s” image in a January 2015 post.

While Newtown police have no record of the Pozners having filed a police report on the incident, Lenny Pozner alone filed a report with Boca Raton Police on March 11, 2015–months after he and his band of internet stalkers had filed a string of similarly fraudulent and unconstitutional copyright infringement claims against an array of bloggers and YouTube researchers. Further, the March 11 police report was initiated eleven days before Pozner filed his copyright infringement claim against MHB 


  • >  First name: Lenny
  • >  Last name: Pozner
  • >  Company name: HONR Network
  • >  Address: 261 South Main Street
  • >  City: Newtown
  • >  State/Region/Province: CT
  • >  ZIP: 06470
  • >  Country: United States (US)
  • >  Phone number: 203-xxx-xxxx
  • >  Email address: >
  • >  Copyright holder: >
  • >  Location of unauthorized material:
    > // 75084540_n.jpg
  • >  Location of original materials:
  • > pid=6029810745667744610&oid=115591728871200254551
    >> Description of original materials:
  • >  Description of original materials:
  • >  Photo of my son inside Sandy Hook School. (Bottum Right) second from right >
  • >  Third party links:
  • >  n/a >
  • >  I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials described above as allegedly infringing is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.
    > I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in the notification is accurate and that I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.
    > I acknowledge that a copy of this infringement notice, including any contact information I provided above (address, telephone number, and email address), will be forwarded to the user who uploaded the content at issue.
  • >  Digital signature: lenny pozner
  • >  Signed on: 2015-03-22 13:03:47

Note that in Pozner’s March 22 copyright infringement claim he uses the “HONR Network’s” address of a pack-and-post service in Newtown complete with a Connecticut phone number. However, in the report below filed by Boca Raton police Pozner uses a residential address (deleted here for Pozner’s privacy) and a phone number with a Manhattan-based area code.

The initial March 11 case was amended with supplemental reports on April 2, 2015 and May 4, 2015. In Pozner’s second consultation with law enforcement he references Sandy Hook researchers James Tracy and Wolfgang Halbig as the parties causing him “emotional distress.” Veronique’s name remains absent, and there is no mention of Tracy’s certified letter, which would have almost certainly brought Pozner’s illegitimate copyright infringement claim to the responding officer’s attention.

The potency of the Pozners’ December 2015 harassment claim revolved around the criminal-like allegation of Tracy’s “harassment” that was so severe it prompted the couple to consult law enforcement. Yet the record indicates that no such course of action was ever taken.

Sun-Sentinel Editor-in-Chief and Challenged Fact Checker Howard Saltz. Image Credit: Sun-Sentinel/Tribune Co.

Alongside their willingness to overlook clearly falsified government documents circulated by Pozner, the editors at the Sun-Sentinel, Jewish Forward, and a wide array of other mainstream media carelessly ran with a sensationalistic story purporting unfounded and emotionally-charged accusations as fact. 

Further, an entire university’s faculty and administration, whose purported mission is the responsible pursuit of “truth,” have been thoroughly taken by the ruse, with a morally and intellectually lazy default position of, “If the press reported it, it must be true.”

At the very least Pozner’s enduring fraud calls into further question the dubious features of the Sandy Hook massacre event as a whole, including the sincerity of the political leaders and “families” involved who have collectively reaped tens of millions in donations and federal taxpayer dollars (e.g. here and here) while terrorizing American citizens into parting with their precious rights and piece of mind.